Treating Possessions – Billings, MT

A continuing education class for acupuncturists on treating possessions as illustrated in an old sketch.Comfort Suites, 4908 Southgate Dr, Billings, MT
Struggling against evil spirits in search of the patient’s lost soul is potentially exhausting work. Possession states, aka, altered states of consciousness, have long been associated with the transfer of energy and deep healing. To retrieve the lost soul and receive healing, both patient and exorcist enter into a dialogue with the unconscious process.
This class is best suited for practitioners whose practices are designed to accommodate deep involvement with the patient. Healing breakthrough experiences of possessions can be profoundly disorienting. We will explore acupuncture protocols for exorcism and ways of strengthening self by means of insight and understanding. Knowing the true name of the spirit, renders you impervious to it’s charms.

Approved for 16 NCCAOM Acupuncture PDAs / CEUs in the required CW-PE Professional Enhancement category. For full NCCAOM recertification information, please visit the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). It is the sole responsibility of the practitioner to ensure this course meets the guidelines for their states CE requirements.

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  • No CEUs are issued to students. Prior to registration, please email current school ID to [email protected]

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