Treating Heart & Emotions – Chincoteague, VA

A continuing education class for acupuncturists on treating heart and emotions as illustrated in an old sketch.Comfort Suites, 4195 Main St, Chincoteague, VA
Like shamans of the past, we don’t come to healing profession by chance. We seek to heal our own wounds first and this pursuit of healing involves soul searching.
Since practitioner’s vibrational field affects the frequency of the patient’s Qi, it is imperative that our own emotional houses are in order. The acupuncture needle is an extension of practitioner’s intention. The placing of the needle is an active invitation for the patient to join with a different vibrational faith. This type of resonance is loaded with communication, which is vital for a successful outcome of the treatment.
To better assist our patients in their emotional journeys, we will learn how to understand Psyche in the treatment room and beyond. We will draw upon seminal writings on faith, envy and gratitude to recognize the stages of initiation of the human soul, which, in turn, will allow for better understanding of the Oriental concepts of soul and spirit.

Approved for 16 NCCAOM Acupuncture PDAs / CEUs in the required CW-PE Professional Enhancement category. For full NCCAOM recertification information, please visit the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). It is the sole responsibility of the practitioner to ensure this course meets the guidelines for their states CE requirements.

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  • No CEUs are issued to students. Prior to registration, please email current school ID to [email protected]

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