Acupuncturist As Shaman

Shaman is our professional ancestor. Unlike a medicine man or a priest, shaman doesn’t become healer by choice. Shaman is initiated into his craft through some form of psychological change. This change involves a confrontation with his/her own unconscious forces which some call “evil spirits.” As a result of this confrontation, she/he becomes familiar with the most unhealed place in his/her psyche. The only way out of this struggle is to become a healer; a specialist of the human soul.

These continuing education classes grew out of almost twenty years of practicing alternative medicine and recognizing the advantages that alternative practitioners have over both, conventional medicine and psychotherapy. Each of the 3 modules is designed to cover different aspects of human experience. Practitioners will learn ancient and modern techniques for mending psyche and methods for interpreting and using their intuitive hunches. We will discover how healing of psychosomatic unity cures physical symptoms and explore strengthening self by means of insight and understanding.

Modules can be taken in sequence or as a stand alone class with no prerequisites.

A continuing education class for acupuncturists on healing the spirit as illustrated in an old sketch.

Healing the Spirit

Maybe I should find another doctor; one who realizes the importance of scars.

~Rasmenia Massoud

Psyche is the “third element in the trinity of existence.” It dwells in the body enabling spirit and matter to stay related. The shaman is a messenger between the physical and the spiritual worlds. In a culture that wages constant war on Psyche, shaman often is the only one who is capable of hearing and guiding human soul in her healing journey through life.

Deeper healing is impossible without engaging with Psyche. This class is designed for practitioners who work intuitively. Participants will learn techniques for understanding their gut feelings as well as concepts for interpreting these messages to benefit the treatment. We will discover ways of tending to the emotional aspects of physical illness – often a missing ingredient for a successful outcome of the treatment. Through an exploration of acupuncture points application, we will follow the journey of the human soul as it becomes aware of itself.

Approved for 16 NCCAOM Acupuncture CEUs / PDAs in the required CW-PE Professional Enhancement category.

Mar 25 & 26, 9AM to 6PM

Residence Inn-Vancouver, WA

April 22 & 23, 9AM to 6PM

Radisson-Schaumburg, IL

A continuing education class for acupuncturists on treating heart and emotions as illustrated in an old sketch.

Treating Heart & Emotions

But in the last resort we must begin to love in order not to fall ill, and we are bound to fall ill if, in consequence of frustration, we are unable to love.

~Sigmund Freud

Every time an emotion is present in the treatment room, an energetic exchange loaded with information is set into motion. Recognizing the meaning of client’s emotional states, rather than identifying with them, is an essential part of the healing atmosphere practitioner creates for the patient.

This class will introduce practitioners to the stages of emotional maturation. Participants will learn to understand Psyche in the treatment room and beyond so they can better assist patients in their healing process. We will explore ways of establishing and maintaining therapeutic relationship with the patients that often serves as basis for healing.

Approved for 16 NCCAOM Acupuncture CEUs / PDAs in the required CW-PE Professional Enhancement category.

April 29 & 30, 9AM to 6PM

Hilton Garden Inn-Fishkill, NY

May 6 & 7, 9AM to 6PM

Comfort Suites-Chincoteague, VA

A continuing education class for acupuncturists on treating psychosomatic conditions as represented by Psyche and Eros.

Treating Psychosomatic Conditions

God guard me from those thoughts men think
In the mind alone;
He that sings a lasting song
Thinks in a marrow-bone;

~W. Yeats

Since mainstream medicine does not have a cure for psychosomatic illness, patient’s best hope is to find a practitioner who is not only willing, but knows how to engage with the dynamic forces of psyche behind the physical illness.

Physical and emotional awareness are so interconnected that often, conflicting feelings are converted into chronic symptoms, which do all the complaining for the patient. In fact, physical symptoms often arise to protect us from emotional discomfort.

Participants of this seminar will learn how emotional sufferings lead to formation of physical symptoms. We will explore ways of supporting psychosomatic healing in the treatment of chronic pain, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. 

Approved for 16 NCCAOM Acupuncture PDAs / CEUs in the required CW-PE Professional Enhancement category.

June 03 & 04, 9AM to 6PM

La Quinta Inns-Sarasota, FL

July 08 & 09, 9AM to 6PM

Residence Inn-Vancouver, WA