The soul demands your folly;

not your wisdom.

~Carl Jung

Since the ancient times, healing was always regarded as a spiritual act facilitated by physicians who were also priests. Some called them shamans. Traditionally, shaman is someone who is capable of reaching deeper states of consciousness and summoning spiritual healing forces in the service of another person

Practitioners, who works outside of mainstream medicine, such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, counselors, chiropractors, rolfers, cranio-sacral therapists,  psychotherapists, yoga therapists, reiki masters, aromatherapists, kinesiologists, ayurvedic practitioners, clinical nutritionists, dietitians or energy healers, know that psyche is a great force in curing illness and therefore, end up providing some form of emotional support to distressed patients.

Psyche is awakened by coming into contact with intense emotions. Her healing is about becoming aware of her feelings, because that, which is suppressed or disowned, never goes away. Each soul chooses it’s own hell. Our role as healers, is to assist Psyche in her descent by caring for her needs at the times when patients can not do it for themselves.

Psyche does not speak to us in words; she tells her story via images, metaphors and myths. So come, let me tell you a love story – the story of the human experience.

Her name was Psyche, and she was the loveliest girl on the face of the earth. So lovely, in fact, that even the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, could not equal her. In a fit of jealous rage, Aphrodite concocted a plan to bring about Psyche’s ruin. She dispatched her son, the God of Love, Eros to use his power and make Psyche fall madly in love with the vilest of mortals.

But instead of following his mother’s wishes, Eros betrayed her. He fell in love with this mortal girl and whisked her to his beautiful castle away from his mother’s wrath. There Psyche lived a life of magic and yet complete isolation. Eros disguised himself as a monster by day and came to Psyche only at night. She couldn’t see him, but when she felt him beside her, she knew he was no monster.  As happy as she was with her lover, the love was conditional; Eros made her promise to never look at him or she would lose him forever.

Of course she promised him. She would promise anything to be with Eros but that promise was impossible to keep. She grew more curious with every passing day until she just couldn’t keep her promise any longer. She had to know. So one night, she lit a lantern and saw not a monster, but the God of Love himself sleeping in her bed. He was beautiful and so she trembled.  A few drops of hot oil fell onto his shoulder and woke him up. As faithless Psyche stretched her arms towards him in desperation, he flew away without saying a word.

Devastated, Psyche begged Aphrodite for the return of her lover, but the jealous goddess required her to undertake a terrifying descend into the underworld if she ever wanted to see Eros again. Only this way Psyche could gain an awareness and find fulfillment in love. Eventually Psyche reunited with Eros since each soul is bound to find love. And now the story is yours.

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